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The beauty as an expression of total wellness. Rocco hairdressers, a pioneer in the art of hair-spa, the first in Europe to offer the ceremonies Shu Uemura Art of Hair, real beauty rituals of the hair fiber and ricostuzione accompanied by a shiatsu massage, now offers the perfect combination of comfort and fashion look.
Rocco's philosophy is encapsulated in the words Hairdressers: "Reveal your beauty" - "every woman is a carrier of personal beauty. We just have to release it and enhance it."
Rocco stylists for over twenty years he devoted himself to the image of its customers without ever forgetting the need to relax all of us.


Rocco stylists for over twenty years he devoted himself to the image of its customers without ever forgetting the need to relax all of us.
So washing hair treatments and become real experiences of being lived on easy chairs and accompanied by a relaxing massage.
The inspiration for cuts and colors so derived from fashion trends but also the essence of the women themselves.
The products used are selected from the best companies in the world because the health of their hair and natural beauty are the fundamental starting point for each new creation. As the canvas for the artist, the subject to realize the idea of ​​beauty that everyone has in himself.
Our Services: Hair Unisex - Extension - Service wives at home - Haircare Treatments - Sales of professional products


HAIR DREAM gives you real hair, beautiful, to discover the taste of a thick head of hair or long hair and sensual charm.
The application is done using traditional methods or with the newest and fastest laser system.
The locks, thin and light, they are not specifically designed to stress the roots, keeping the pleasure of passing his hands through his hair. ________________

Bologna, hairdressers top vip

Via Irnerio,13
40126 - Bologna - Italy
Tel. 051 247401

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