Production of Hairdryers for Hairdressers

In 1994 the Company was founded with the name Re System, producing brand new products: for that time the hairdryers were innovative and they had a peculiar engine with the attack on the chair resulting in a lighter weight on the grip.
Tornado, Mistral Eco, Mistral Computer, together with our first hairdryers’ models, are born to decrease the drying times, labour costs, the number of smelly towels used by the hairdressers during the day and to improve and fasten the permanent.
From the very beginning, SCIROCCO enters in Salons across Italy, arousing success and approval. In 1995, in order to improve the hair shine and reach the need of our most demanding costumers, GHIBLI model was born and patented: this model has the same functions of the SCIROCCO’ one and it is able to release hot air, giving to the skin and hair a welcome feeling of warmth (final version in 2002).
In 2009 OM SYSTEM was founded, presenting the same technology, reliability and functionality of SCIROCCO and GHIBLI but speeding up delivery times and improving the the maintenance and repair department, thanks to reliable technicians able to offer a detailed quote, after a free and careful supervision of the product.

In 2010, after an year of researches conducted in tight reliance on our costumers, with GHOST (the only patented system in the world), OM SYSTEM tries to eliminate those little “flaws”, thanks to recessed hairdryers aspiring liquids. Thanks to this system, the space behind the shampoo basin decreases, the hairdryer id soundproofed by a isolated double bell and it has a pedal ignition.
The same year a new line of hairdresser sinks and furniture were launched. After an excellent response to the Bologna 2010 Cosmoprof Exhibition, the machine is immediately designed and produced starting by September 2010.
In 2011 OM SYSTEM is nominated excellent enterprise of Ferrara by “Club per l’Eccellenza” of Ferrara and CNA for using innovative managerial practices aimed at the costant improvement of processes and product business. In fact, thanks to a sophisticated development and continuous use of the best italian materials and components in their articles, the enterprise manages to gain market share in most of Europe and Latin America, as well as an excellent growth in Italy.
In 2013 a new furniture production line is realised, opening up a new and more spacious exhibition hall.

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