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Natural Shades – new wave in hair extensions!!!

Hello, my name is Victoria, and i am GM of a turkish company, we are manufacturer of Hair extensions!

we have settled our own line, when realised, that bleached and dyed hair, doesnt actually respond to our markets requirements… hair, that we used to be buying from europe, happend to be very fragile, needing constant care and very easy to tangle…but the most interesting, what we managed to achieve in our new products, where we never dye the hair (we work only with very soft bleaching methods, where remy hair is turning to only NATURAL SHADES, that are already in the pigment of the hair….

 we found out, that it is much more benificiant for hair stylists, to work with this hair, where they now have a fantastic chance to “play“ with hair color, as much as they want…they can change the color from dark brown to light blonde, and there are no limitations in dyes and etc….

 hair salons, that we are working with, are very much happy to have this NEW material, giving much more freedom for them to work,,,and clients, are now much more happy, becasuse the hair, they are wearing, is MUCH MORE DURABLE, and doesnt need hair care products, especially those silicone based onces, that normally would prevent hair from tangling..

hair is absolutely natural, %100 remy,and we never take off cuticles! that is actually the secret, why the hair stays so much life and silky and durible…

we are working with a very durable keratine, that will never get destroyed from chemicals, dyes,shampoos and blow dryers…

 if by a chance you get interested with our products, why dont you drop me a line, i will be very happy to give you some more information about our products!

hope to hear from you soon!

wish you sucess in business!


3 commenti su “Natural Shades – new wave in hair extensions!!!

  1. Anna

    Hello! I have been working with hair extensions for a long time, dealing with many brands, but i think i see what u mean, talking about less treated hair..
    it is true, that nowadays, the quality of hair supplied, leaves much to be desired,,,i dont like to be limited with colors, or constantly using extra cnditioners, to prevent tangling…

    i will contact you to order some samples, i think thats a really great idea!




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