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Via del ponte alle Mosse, 178 - 50144 - Firenze (FI), Italy
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Florence, top stylists



Originally from Sarno (SA), Fiorentino adoption, a worthy representative of a family of hairdressers, Gino was immediately put on display and as he says "you can say that I was born with scissors in hand." At 10, he was already an apprentice barber shop in the family. At 17, a student at the academy before moving to the master of New York, London and Zurich to Milan to meet the master Rolando Elisei, "the hairdresser Dive" and became his pupil in the famous school that follows the Sanremo Festival and other televised events, where he worked. But the road continues, bronze medal in the European Championships of 2007 in Frankfurt, gold medal in the International Festival of hairdressing gaining the right of participation in the world of cutting 2008.


Florence, top stylists

Via del ponte alle Mosse, 178
50144 - Firenze - Italy
Tel: +39 0553289970

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