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Via Ostiense 47, 00154 Roma (RM), Italia - Tel: +39 347 5837353 -

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Best hairdressers Rome

Stylist and educator with twenty years of experience in hair styling FABIO MAIRO is a visionary hairdresser, very talented and creative. International experiences have allowed him to become International Education Manager bringing his experience through the highest standards of teaching.
After having been artistic director and collaborating with the big names in the hairstyling industry by signing different collections, Fabio is in 2015 a new partnership with the company Amj Charlson with which he launches the brand Lab dedicated to professional hair care. Together with the staff, of which he is trainer, Fabio takes care of the clients offering only the best treatments and reserving them all the attention they deserve.

Modern and youthful, the Salone is minimal furnished in shades of white and black. Hints of red and exposed brick walls give an urban chic touch to the environment. Full-height mirrors and comfortable armchairs are made available to the customer to give them a moment of relaxation. Aromatic candles smell the salon and make the atmosphere warm and welcoming.
In the salon, AMJ-CHARLSON's products are used.

The Lab is an itinerant international training academy created by the designer Fabio Mairo together with its partners aimed at professionals in the sectors of Hairdressing and Nail Art. In addition to training, the Academy organizes seminars, workshops, shows and photographic services at a national level. and international. It allows the participants to reach a preparation at the highest levels, form experts capable of creating new trends.
He deals with the Import-Export of professional products Made in Italy (Hair products, aesthetics and well-being in general, articles for nail reconstruction and furniture for beauty salons). The proven international experience and professionalism has led The Lab to be a staple in the industry ensuring high training, support work and constant support.
The lab is innovation, quality and fashion.



Via Ostiense 47
00154 Rome, Italy
Tel. 347 5837353

hairdressers Rome
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