Hairdressers vip, Salon hair fashion hairstyles, professional color

Strada Provinciale, 31 - 64012 - Sant'Onofrio a Campli (Teramo), Italia
Tel: +39 0861 553954

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Hairdressers vip, Salon hair fashion hairstyles, professional color

VINCENZO PETRUCCI, owner of the salon EQUIPE VINS, from the beginning was marked by the strong passion and commitment to create a professional identity that led him to be an excellent TOP HAIRSTYLIST Italian. Its clientele, daily guest in her beauty center of Sant 'Onofrio in Campli Teramo, receives services of the highest quality. A note of positivity; and energy wrap fact the large atelier. The line of thought that has always expressed Vincenzo reads "arouse pleasure and wellness pampering the customer, making him feel at ease, this is the achievement of the emotional for me."
The talent of this good hairdresser Abruzzo does not go unnoticed, which is why companies of products among the most important in the industry to offer VINCENZO PETRUCCI the opportunity to collaborate within their team, participating in events in the fashion and entertainment industry among the most followed by the public.
A salon was born out of passion and the happiness of the individual at all, for those always looking for trends and proposals glamor of big cities. Seeing is believing!


Hairdressers vip, Salon hair fashion hairstyles, professional color

   Provincial Road 31
Sant'Onofrio a Campli - Teramo
Tel +39 0861 553954
hairdressers teramo - sant'onofrio a campli
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