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Via Tonio Belledo 4 - 23900 - Lecco Italia
Tel: 0341 362329

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Best Lecco Hairdressers

Christian Coluccio is backed by a long training curriculum and professional successes, formed at the Accademia Aldo Coppola in Milan, studying make-up with Diego from Palma. Christian is an all-round image consultant: he deals with numerous events of the show including the backstage of the fashion week of Milan. Even in his Lecco Hall he loves to look after his guests in detail, creating for each one an original work. The team joining it follows its own philosophy and welcomes its customers with competence and professionalism.

Finding the right hairdresser is not a simple business and Christian Coluccio knows it; getting to be the focus of attention has been for him a constructive but severe path that has led to the much-hoped success. In addition to many illustrious personalities, her saloon also includes the trendiest young ladies who want to "wear" a single piece on their head. This result was also achieved through the continuous updating of fashion and trends that Christian has meticulously followed, a full-fledged professional who has built his own position through image counseling, new forms, techniques, treatments, colors and the right make-up.
CHRISTIAN chose for his own competent and prepared staff salon, which is up to his passion and is hungry to know just how he was and still is he.
The salon is simple but is a glamorous, vintage look that never goes out of fashion. Even for the style of his headquarters, Christian has shown careful research in details and details. "Why do you come to us? Because now you can rely on hands, eyes, and an expert."

Men's Services
Men's cut
Fashion color
CD. light
Stretchy Keratin
Image Consulting

Women's Services
Women's cut
Color Henne
CD. light
Stretchy Keratin
Make Up
Capillary reconstruction
Picture Advice

Aesthetic and Wellness Services
Laser hair removal
Hair removal (waxing)
Facial cleansing
Collagen treatment
Hyaluronic acid treatment
Oxygen Therapy
Anti-cellulite massage
Lymphatic drainage massage
Back massage
Relaxation Massage
Hot-stone massage
Extension lashes 1: 1
3d lash extension
Gel / refile manicure
Gel reconstruction manicure
Semi-permanent manicure
Fashion gel manicure
Healing Pedicure
Cosmetic pedicure
Semi-permanent pedicure
Advice on curative products
Cosmetic products consultancy



Via Tonio Belledo 4
23900 Lecco, Italy
Tel. 0341 362328


Via Risorgimento 44
23900 Lecco, Italy
Tel. 0341 283264

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